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Representing Individuals Who Have Been Affected by a Bankruptcy

You deserve financial stability. It can be a major blow to expect a payment that doesn’t come. If someone else’s bankruptcy is affecting you, I can help. Bankruptcy doesn’t always mean you won’t get paid. So if you don’t want to lose any more money. You need easy, affordable, and quality bankruptcy representation. I make it easy for you to communicate with me, whether that’s by paper, email, or your phone.

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, and I’ve been practicing in bankruptcy law almost exclusively since I went to UNM Law School and passed the bar in 2006. I continue to be active on the board of directors of the bankruptcy section of the state bar of New Mexico. I also provide pro-bono and reduced fee services for people who need them.

If you’ve received a notice of bankruptcy, it’s important that you contact me as soon as possible. There are deadlines that could affect your claim. Many times I can help you save more of your assets if you talk to me sooner, rather than later. Not all debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy, let me take a look at your situation and we can talk about your options.

The first consultation is free. Feel free to call or use the online scheduler.

Pricing For Creditors

Most Creditor work is performed on an hourly basis. Call us to discuss your particular situation and goals.

For instance, it will cost more for us to prove your debt non-dischargeable than to simply monitor a case to make sure you’re being treated fairly. Call us for rates and a custom analysis.

Call/text 505-999-1962 or contact us to get started.

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