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I am a Native New Mexican and graduated from an Albuquerque high school. I graduated from University of New Mexico with a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering. After working for a few years as a chemical engineer, I decided to attend law school at the University of New Mexico School of Law. I have practiced in many different areas of the law, but enjoy working with individual clients the best.

In 2018, I opened my own law firm so that I could provide legal services to individual clients. I focused my practice on consumer bankruptcy and estate planning. Each client, whether they are seeking to file a bankruptcy or set up an estate plan, has their own unique situation and circumstances. I provide personal, professional services to my clients.

I enjoy practicing the consumer side of bankruptcy. The relief provided to individuals under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code can be life-changing. A bankruptcy stops creditors from harassing individuals, stops wages from being garnished and can protect the individual’s property from garnishment or repossession. A Chapter 13 can help individuals become current with their mortgage payments or pay down back tax debt.

In addition, I enjoy helping people prepare an estate plan. The estate plan provides guidance to those that we love in the event of incapacity or death. Incapacity documents provide financial and healthcare power to those who will make those decisions in the event that we are unable to do so. A will or a trust will determine the disposition of our property at the time of our death. While I understand that these conversations and decisions can be difficult to talk to about, planning around these life events can make everything easier for those that will be taking care of us.

As your family lawyer, my goal is to help you draft an estate plan that fits your life. I work together with you to create an inventory of your assets and your family situation. I provide plan options that will be a good fit for you based on your assessment. I help you select the best options that will work for you and your family. I have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through this process. It is my goal that you have the best possible wealth and management plan. A plan that secures and protects the future of your family.

No one wants to think about planning for their death. Raising a family and having a career takes time and energy. It is hard to devote precious time and energy to an unpleasant task. Even so, an estate plan is important and necessary. A good estate plan protects your loved ones. It helps secure their future. As Benjamin Franklin observed, a failure to plan is planning to fail.

A failure to plan can be a complete lack of a plan. An outdated estate plan or one that is not well executed can also be a failure. A growing family experiences a lot of change over time. Your career and financial status change over time. Your estate plan should also change to keep up with your current circumstances. We set up a schedule for addressing life changes to keep your plan current.

Helping families is my passion. You are busy. Your family is growing and changing. You are working for a life of prosperity. You value ease, convenience, and efficiency. You want the best for your family. I can help you make the best decision for your unique situation. I work with you to consider all aspects of your situation.


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